Wall of Shame Part 2! 72 New downloadable images.

Last December, 2015 I posted 80 math fails that you could download to make what I call the ‘Math Wall of Shame’  in my room. I’ve loved using these math fails in my classroom. Frankly this bulletin board is the only one I’ve ever put up that students and adults regularly look at and talk about.

After posting my first set, many of you have sent me your favorite pictures and graphs using the hashtag #mathwallofshame.  I copied each you sent me in the last 8 months along with others I’ve found online (#mathfail #badmaths google images….etc).  Here is the 2nd collection of pictures for you to enjoy Math Wall of Shame 2016with 72 new iimages for you to post.

Here are just some of the ones you sent my way:

Thank you to everyone that sends me pictures of your personal math wall of shame in yur classroom.  Here are 3 I received this week.  Love.

One new tip for your #mathwallofshame – Put at least one photo up that does NOT include a #mathfail.  I’ve had great discussion when people are looking for which one is not an error.  This year I am going to maybe include one of the following in my display

tip and split calc

Ok, so I know the one above is a bit weird, but Marilyn Burns tweeted it out recently and hoped for the day when the numeracy skills of all would make these unnecessary.6 months in mn

Love this one from Mark Westpfahl & also Megan Schmidt from MN – my home state – of weather maps in our state 6 months apart (Jan and July 20, 2016).  You can read more about it HERE.  There is no math error in these photos just the fact that temps like these are just wrong.

There is nothing technically wrong with FOIL, cross multiplying and the butterfly method.  I just don’t like them.  So I may include them and then recommend downloading Nix the Tricks (thanks Tina Cardone) and talk about better ways to do these.

OR….perhaps this one from Nicole Bridge of Josh a waiter at a restaurant about a mile from my school.  Check out his tattoos of Pascal’s triangle.  Love.

Someday I want a video wall to include videos like this:

Or this classic one from Verizon… (Here is another version of this video)

Here are  few more videos for your enjoyment when you have time:

  1. Shaq math fail
  2. Old classic “Pa & Ma”
  3. Who wants to be a millionaire? math fail (starts around 3 minute mark with question #1)
  4. When not knowing math costs you $15,000
  5. and another Who wants to be a millionaire clip…
  6. Politician Math Fail
  7. Mistakes in Movies (collection)
  8. Abbot & Costello 7 into 28
  9. AND this classic I love when I teach order of operations from Survivor 
  10. BBC news fail 100×100

Love this classic GIF too.

order of operations game show

Thank you to the following people (I am sure I forgot many of  you) who have sent Math Fails my way since last December – Each name is a link to their twitter account – please follow them.

Send more #mathfails my way either via twitter (#mathwallofshame) or email it to me at saravdw@gmail.com   Again, here is the new 72 math fails for 2016.  Enjoy.  Math Wall of Shame 2016

Postsript:  I just received this one via twitter (thanks Elizabeth Raskin) an hour ago with a website with the story behind the image.  Many of you, like me, have seen this meme before  – but if I post it it will be with the included message screen grabs in the article  Enjoy.



UPDATE 8.17.16

Hello all!  I received so many new additions to the #mathfail or #mathwallofshame that I decided to add the new additions now and not wait until a year from now.  The #1 pic that came my way was one I am sure many of you saw the Zika graph….popluar fail.jpg

Thank you to the following people for additions:

Here are 17 new #mathfails for your #wallofshame. Math Wall of Shame August 2016   Keep them coming.


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