You need to MOVE in your math class EVERYDAY!

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Hello blog friends! This blog post is the tip of the iceberg in a series of blog posts on incorporating movement into the math classroom. In the next several months I will be writing about 20+ movement activities – Many will include video. You will also get to know my amazing friend Allison Rubin who inspired me to move in my own classroom and also connect to the work of Chris Luzniak who I am presenting with at several national math conferences in 2019-2020.

UPDATE Summer 2020. Click the Button below to get connected to a folder of resources from the CAMT Virtual Session (and future Texas PD). Much love to all the math educators & leaders in Texas!

UPDATE March 31, 2020. Here is the LINK to the GOOGLE FOLDER from the NCSM Virtual Conference Session

I believe EVERY single K-12+ classroom should have their students moving every single class period for at least 2 minutes every 25 minutes. Seriously, think about your classroom – Are your students moving in your math classroom every single day? If not, why not? Stay tuned to my blog for more information on how to start moving with your students. (enter your email address at my site and I will email you when I blog about this topic)

To start the conversation on movement here are 3 resources for you.

  1. The first and easiest way I started getting students moving in my math classes everyday was something I talk about all the time on my blog and in real life – STAND & TALKS. Check out what they are and more about them HERE on my blog or HERE in a webinar you can view for free.
  2. Here is a LINK to a google folder from my November 16th Session on the ‘Beauty of Movement’ at CMC South with Chris Luzniak – including our slide deck and more.
  3. Here is a draft of my friend Allison Rubin’s book ‘Get Em Moving’ with tons of movement activities for your math classroom. There will be lots, lots more about about this on my blog in coming months including videos.

How do you move in your math classroom? Comment Below.

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